Health & Welfare

The health and welfare of the flock is the main concern of any egg producer. Among the main issues concerning the well-being of layers are the choice of housing system, treatment of beaks, prevention of feather pecking, and keel bone strength. Another key area is disease protection. When the birds you care for develop in a healthy environment, they can reach their full genetic potential. In order to prevent diseases from being transferred between chicks, it is important to strictly follow vaccination and detection practices. To ensure that your animals are treated with care and respect, we recommend that egg producers have a clear animal welfare policy, and that all employees are trained in the proper care of the birds under their care.

Here are a few resources to help egg producers stay current on how to manage health and wellness issues at their facilities

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Managing layer health in an alternative system

Health management of your flock in alternative system involves choosing the right breed, feeding program, and system design. After that, it's up to you to plan, observe, and adjust.

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Moving into cage free environments and their impact on the integrity of bone density in chicken bones

Several years have passed since the EU ban on conventional cages in 2012. With the latest announcements from many of the leading food companies and retailers in the USA that only cage origin of eggs of free origin.

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