The objective of balanced breeding is to raise strong laying hens that produce eggs of the highest quality. Thus, our mission to raise layers capable of producing 500 eggs per housed hen has been our guiding principle since 2008. Laying hens that produce more eggs of the highest quality with a single litter results in more eggs:

  • Stronger and happier laying hens
  • Longer life for each hen
  • Less frequent substitutions
  • More sustainable total production
  • Higher profits for producers

We were the first breeding company in the industry to test for 100 weeks. Thanks to the extended production cycle and extensive field testing, this objective is already a reality for many egg producers. 

Explore the resources below to learn more about layers breeding, selection objectives, field trials and genetics. 

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Articles and Videos

Good feathering is important for a bird’s health and welfare, productivity, and feed conversion. 

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New rules

Frans van Sambeek, Director of Research and Development, explains the recent updates to our product performance standards. See how it guides us through the investment in breeding and research and development, leading to the new standards and improved performance you can expect from our brown and white layer products. 

The Genetic Revolution

Geneticist Teun van de Braak recently spoke at the University of Guelph in Canada. His talk focused on the history of layer breeding, our programs, and breeding with welfare and sustainability in mind.

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Advances in Extended Testing and Performance Standards

One of the most important reasons for continued genetic progress is our commitment to extended pure line testing. In 2008, a change was made to increase pure line testing from 80 to 100 weeks. Almost 10 years later, it is important to review the reasons for this crucial decision and measure the results. 

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Breeding for a changing environment

As the US and EU move away from cage housing systems, industry members are taking steps to ensure that producers have the best opportunity to switch to this system as easily as possible.

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Breeding to improve livability

Breeding for livability is a key focus for our breeding division. How do we achieve this goal? A conversation with Teun van de Braak, geneticist for Hendrix Genetics in the layers department.

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