Tools & Technology

A breeding program is only as good as the tools at its disposal. Accurate data translates to accurate selection, leading to enhanced performance for you. We utilize our large in house database with information on every bird in our program to guide breeding selection. In addition to this, we utilize innovative technologies including the brand new egg robot, the Eggxaminator, and genomic selection.

In-house database

We collect and store data for every animal in our breeding program. With this information, we can select the best candidates for further breeding that will go on to improve the gene pool with each generation.

We measure data for economic, welfare, and egg quality traits. This includes feed conversion, egg production, and livability. This data is collected and analyzed in our in-house database.

Big data


A recent example of our investment in innovative technology is the introduction of the Eggxaminator. This machine is the industry’s first robot capable of automatically measuring and inspecting eggs with a focus on ten different exterior egg quality traits.

With this egg robot, we are able to generate even more accurate data on our exterior egg phenotypes, removing the possibility for human error and subjectivity. Each evaluation can now be completed with a high amount of measurable consistency.



As of 2010, we have been using genomic selection in our breeding program. This technology is one of the latest breakthroughs in breeding technology. Genomic selection allows our geneticists to estimate the genetic potential of animals even more accurately.

The genetic potential of an animal can be predicted by looking at markers located throughout the genome. With this technology, the rate of genetic gain can be increased substantially.